Sustainable R&D Center

Encore Wire
Sustainable R&D Center – Case Study

LEED Platinum Building Design with Energy Efficient HVAC System

When Encore Wire, a manufacturer of copper electrical wire and cable was ready to expand, they knew they wanted sustainability to feature prominently in the design of their new building. They also knew those requirements would pose some challenges. The new Research and Development Center, located across from the company headquarters in McKinney, Texas, was slated to house a one-floor research laboratory which would perform a variety of analytical functions, including analytical chemistry, wet chemistry, and destructive testing. The president of Encore Wire, who is a big proponent of sustainability, wanted the building to achieve LEED® Platinum status. Ultimately, the HVAC system would need to provide a significant amount of points towards successfully meeting that goal.

With special considerations like sustainability, space constraints, and redundancy, a custom HVAC solution was the best option. Ron Wyman, the engineer on the project, felt confident in his recommendation to use Temtrol, a CES Group® company. “I rarely use a catalogued solution,” he says. “And I trusted the Temtrol unit. I have used so many Temtrol custom air handlers in the past, I knew I could trust them. I’ve always been pleased with Temtrol’s ability to provide a solution—and working with the Temtrol folks is always a pleasure.” Temtrol was up to the challenge, providing a FANWALL® system with six fans using one variable frequency drive, and an air handling unit that utilizes an enthalpy plate energy exchanger.

At a Glance

  • New 13,000 sq. ft. research and development center designed for LEED Platinum certification
  • Small equipment room space required break apart air handler construction for installation
  • A Temtrol air handler with a six fan FANWALL array overcame many challenges including stringent energy efficiency requirements and a constrained unit footprint
  • Demanding laboratory requirements required reliable air handler operation at very high or very low airflow demands
  • Enthalpy plate energy exchanger recovers heat and moisture from the exhaust and outdoor airstreams for added energy efficiency

Encore Wire – Sustainable R&D Center – Case Study