Lady Bird Johnson Middle School


Lady Bird Johnson Middle School in Irving, Texas utilizes a variety of sustainable technologies, including FHP geothermal heat pump systems, to significantly reduce energy consumption. As part of the Irving Independent School District (IISD), the design is meant to motivate students and teachers to focus on innovation and creativity while reducing energy use by two-thirds as compared with IISD average school energy consumption. LBJ Middle School is the first Net Zero public school in Texas, the first such middle school and the largest Net Zero school in the U.S. 

Installation Summary 
107 Bosch FHP model EV and EC geothermal water source heat pumps from one to 20 tons were installed on the campus, fed from 505 geothermal wells bored approximately 250 ft deep. 

Benefits and Conclusion 
According to consulting engineer Don Penn, P.E. of Grapevine, Texas, “LBJ MS is the first school utilizing geothermal systems in the district, and the owner has been impressed with the geothermal system installed at this campus.” Assistant Superintendent for Support Services of the Irving Independent School District Scott Layne reported that the environmental comfort system is well- balanced and provides constant temperature throughout the campus buildings. 

Jim Scrivner, Accredited Texas Energy Manager for IISD, commented that in its first full year of operation, the school is achieving over 99% Net Zero. “When energy use is compared with other schools in the same district, LBJ MS consumes about 60% of average energy consumption.” 

The school is designated LEED Gold. The LBJ Middle School and Corgan and Associates architectural firm were awarded the 2012 Caudill Award, a collaborative project of the Texas Association of School Administrators, Texas Association of School Boards, and the Texas Society of Architects. 

With an interactive monitoring center and numerous class activities, students experience a three-dimensional learning environment to foster recycling, energy efficiency and sustainability in their school and throughout the general society. 



Water Source Heat Pumps

Bosch FHP model EV and EC geothermal water source heat pumps from one to 20 tons 




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