Scalelogix ASH1-S Data Center


Cologix, a leading network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data center company in North America, has announced the completion and pre-lease of its impressive new Scalelogix data center in Northern Virginia. This facility, known as Scalelogix ASH1, is a massive 120-megawatt (MW) data center and one of the largest in North America. It was constructed in a record-breaking seven months, from permitting to commissioning.

Located in Ashburn, Virginia, this three-story, 455,000-square-foot data center has been purpose-built to meet the demands of hyperscale technology companies. It started service in May 2023 and has been pre-leased by a major global technology firm. Cologix plans to expand its hyperscale edge portfolio across North America to cater to the increasing demand from cloud providers and digital enterprises.

ASH1 is strategically situated in "Data Center Alley," making Ashburn a crucial interconnection hub for the eastern U.S. and a gateway to Europe with a high concentration of cloud computing infrastructure. Cologix also has plans to launch two more Scalelogix data centers in Columbus, Ohio, and Montrèal, Canada, within the next year.

The ASH1 facility offers several benefits, including maximum energy efficiency with a sustainable cooling system, a highly connected network with multiple connectivity options, top-tier security measures, and flexible space options for customers. Additionally, it features modular electrical rooms (MERs) for rapid deployment, shortened construction timelines, EV charging stations, and a commitment to recycling materials during the building process.



Air Handling Units

Qty (3) dedicated outside air split systems with piping designed to maximize available suction line length for a 50t condensing unit


Air Handling Units

Qty (40) Computer Room Air handlers capable of providing up to 2 Million CFM total



Qty (10) 525 ton chillers for 5,250 tons of nominal cooling




A leading network-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data center company in North America.

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General Contractor for Cologix project

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WE Bowers

Mechanical Contractor for Cologix project

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