District Cooling Plant #4


Austin Energy's District Cooling Plant #4 was a pioneering solution for large buildings seeking reliable and efficient cooling services. By utilizing a network of underground pipes, the district cooling plant effectively distributes chilled water to numerous buildings within a designated service area. This innovative approach eliminates the need for individual building owners to invest in costly and space-consuming equipment. Texas AirSystems was responsible for installing the packaged central plant and all subcontractors internal to the plant (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, controls, etc).

The project aims to benefit large users of cooling energy, particularly those whose facilities are situated within several blocks of the district cooling network. Building owners are able to take advantage of the services provided, bypassing the substantial capital investments associated with traditional cooling systems, while minimizing the uncertainties of operation, repair, and maintenance costs.

Key features of the District Cooling Plant #4 include operational reliability, with a system incorporating redundancies to mitigate risks and reduce the amount of equipment that customers need to maintain. The project was also cost-effective, significantly reducing the initial capital investment and lowering operational and energy expenses, which helped stabilize and predict long-term costs, including lower electric service equipment costs. The system provides flexibility, allowing customers to utilize as much or as little cooling water as needed without worrying about limited plant capacity.

The dedication and passion of the team at Austin Energy have been recognized through the prestigious IDEA System of the Year Award for 2023. This recognition underscores the exceptional performance, community involvement, and environmental efficiency of the Austin Energy Downtown District System. The team's commitment to excellence and their efforts in maintaining highly efficient and innovative district energy systems have set a benchmark for the industry.



Variable Frequency Drives


Cooling Towers/Fluid Coolers/Evaporative Coolers



Qty (3) 1000-ton Chillers 


Variable Primary Chilled Water Pumps

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